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Kenneth E. Leja, MA

Communications & Media Specialist

Ken Leja has more than 25 years experience as a consultant in marketing, media, and mass communications, in addition to business and community-service outreach.  As a graphic designer and media specialist, his focus remains "synergy" within marketing efforts and community campaigns, whether from simple promo tools to complete corporate identity and outreach campaigns.

In addition, Leja brings expertise in such areas as social media marketing, website design as a marketing tool, and interactive multimedia presentations.

Prior to his affiliation with SRI, Leja held executive-level positions with two California-based media companies, specializing in graphics design for high-tech companies in the Silicon Valley and the medical service industry.  He began his career in journalism as a reporter and news editor for multiple community newspapers, and became publisher/editor for an award-winning publication on California's north coast.

As senior editor for a CA-based global media publisher, Leja was responsible for 46 monthly trade newsletters in such high-tech fields as interactive multimedia, digital broadcast satellite, global telelphony, and mass media management.

As creative director for a media consulting firm in Monterey, CA, Leja developed community outreach campaigns for hospitals and medical associations, local colleges and universities, and both tourism and agriculture businesses.  Clients have included Apple, Seagate, Rockwell International, SFE Technologies, Ball Industries, and Lockheed-California, to name a few.

His academic credentials includes degress in business economics and communications from Calif. State University, Fullerton, and Cal-State LA.

Kenneth Leja, MS