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Fiber to the Home, Fiber to the Business

FTTH/FTTB is all about Economic Development

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and Fiber to the Business (FTTB) are uniquely positioned to bolster local economies by allowing a given municipality to: (a) compete in a global economy;  thus (b) attract new business and industry into their community... creating new jobs... enhancing local wealth... increasing the local tax base... and generally improving the quality of life for all local residents.

Frankly, boxes and wires and gig broadband speeds — as important they are — mean absolutely nothing to public officials, until (and unless) it is made clear to them how these will bolster the local and regional economies.  Without this level of understanding, municipalities will continue to limit their application of fiber optics to lighting up a few local government buildings such as a city hall, fire and/or police stations, and the city library.

These won't lead the way, however, to introducing FTTH/B (the last mile) to local businesses and residents throughout their community, which is essential in order to realize full market potential for fiber optics.  Fortunately, there is an answer to this dilemma.

SRI, supported by its sister firms, Integrated Marketing Communications Corporation (IMC Corp) and Political Action Institute (PAI), will assist you in realizing "take rates" in the range of 50% to 68%, instead of the traditional 21% FTTH broadband market penetration.  It's imperative to know (through valid and reliable research) message strategies and priorities for FTTH/FTTB Opinion Leaders and the Mainstream Market as you begin your project.

Without a sound base of knowing who your "Influentials" and "Opinion Leaders" are, small missteps can develop into disastrous consequences for your project.  Whether you are needing to breathe new life into your project, or are making plans to appeal to a given municipality, utility, or other public agency for the first time, we can help!

Contact us today to learn how we can help position you to take full advantage of the huge opportunities that await those firms that understand that the quickest and surest way to realize your sales and marketing objectives is by helping municipalities, utilities, and other stakeholders achieve their goals and expectations.