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Gaining Access...

Delivering Influentials & Opinion Leaders
 ...Turning 'Gatekeepers' into Advocates

Gaining Access to CEOs, Medical Doctors
and Other Difficult-to-Reach Publics

Whether you have a need to secure "intelligence" from difficult-to-reach decision makers, or recruit them to participate in such things as focus group research, the challenge is:

How does one go about gaining access to such individuals... then, persuading them to take time out of their impacted schedules to attend to your agenda?

This outcome is especially difficult to achieve with respect to business-to-business marketing.

At SRI, we begin by turning "gatekeepers" into "advocates";  thus, making them part of the solution as opposed to part of the problem, and then quickly recruiting routinely unreachable individuals within minimal turn-around time, rarely matched by our competitors.  When other research firms tell their Client "…it can't be done," SRI delivers the desired results …virtually overnight.

The intelligence secured from in-depth interviews with CEOs, presidents, purchasing agents, medical doctors, and other hard to reach publics more often than not proves to be invaluable.

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