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Consensus Research

Building consensus requires OBJECTIVE input
from 'Influentials' and 'Opinion Leaders'

Nothing happens without consensus...

NOTHING major happens within any community without a consensus among "Influentials" and "Opinion Leaders", especially those who perceive themselves to be "Stakeholders."

As a result, when attempting to muster support from within the community (when placing an initiative on the ballot, for example), the first step is to "identify" not only the well-known "Influentials" and "Opinion Leaders," but those whom you may not be aware of as having influence in important sectors of your community.

SRI has developed a proven methodology for identifying all of the key opinion leaders and influentials throughout any given community.

You then need to secure "objective" input from these important people.  And, while you or your colleagues will, no doubt, have personal relationships with many of these individuals, OBJECTIVE input can only be secured when they are interviewed by a highly trained "third party."

Again, SRI is expert in designing and conducting this very type of interview.

Only then, can a true consensus among all "Influentials" and "Opinion Leaders" be established.

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