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Tax Feasibility Studies

'Fawn' Memories for one public agency

The graphic (at right) holds 'Fawn memories' for the public agency that commissioned SRI to determine the feasibility of securing 2/3 voter support for a $225 million tax initiative for the protection of parks, trails, open space, and wild life; while simultaneously saving the local metropolitan zoo from being closed to the general public.

Findings from public opinion research conducted by SRI showed that the Agency could capitalize upon a set of core values held by local voters.

The payoff?

This Agency, and its constituents, are today enjoying the benefits from overwhelming voter support for this tax initiative.

This is only one of many examples of how SRI's highly seasoned and credentialed behavioral scientists and strategic planners are experts at the design and implementation of applied research and consulting tailored to the needs and desires of its Clientele; including Cities, Counties, School Districts, regional government agencies, state agencies, among many others.

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