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Focus Group Research

Persuading elected and non-elected
Public officials to 'focus' on your agenda

Turning 'Gatekeepers' into ADVOCATES...

Whether you want to survey high level decision makers (and other influentials, such as elected or non-elected public officials) or recruit them to participate in focus group research, the challenge is:  How does one go about gaining access to these difficult to reach individuals;  and then, persuading them to take time out of their impacted schedules to attend to your agenda?

Our research Institute is well known for turning "gatekeepers" into "advocates";  thus, making them part of the solution as opposed to part of the problem.  Further, we routinely recruit typically "unreachable" upper echelon individuals within minimal turnaround time rarely matched by our competitors.

Furthermore, SRI's approach to conducting Focus Group Research is truly unique and far more penetrating and effective than the traditional approach.

For example, we use two facilitators per focus group session.  While one facilitator is "focusing" the discussion the other facilitator is:  (a) monitoring the "small group dynamics" among participants, and  (b) interfacing with the "client" behind the mirror.

As a result, the Client is far more intimately involved in the focus group exercise;  for example, s/he can instruct facilitators to penetrate topics that arise from the focused discussion that were not anticipated at the outset of the exercise.  Thus, the Client enjoys much more control;  enjoying a far greater return on their investment.

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