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Post-Election Analysis

Prepare for the future
by understanding the immediate past

Information is power....

Whether or not a given election turns out as you wish, it's instructive to have a comprehensive understanding of precisely who voted for WHOM (e.g., a given candidate for public office)... WHAT they supported or opposed (a tax initiative, or other measure placed on the ballot)... and WHY they voted the way the did?

This form of "intelligence" can only be secured through scientifically designed and administered post-election research.

Such research comes in two forms:  (a) primary research, such as conducting "exit polls" at polling places or, more often, by surveying the respective electorate within a day or two of the election (while memories are fresh);  and (b) secondary research, such as analyzing the voter in terms of voting patterns based upon geography (City Council Districts, Cities and Counties-at-large, regional patterns, et al.) and demographics (age, income, education, socio-economic status, in general).

SRI has nearly two decades of experience in securing this form of intelligence.

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