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When there's no room for guessing, call SRI
When precision is a mandate, you need SRI

Having a definitive understanding of your electorate's level of support and 'threshold' of willingness to pay is essential BEFORE placing a tax initiative on the ballot

Where 2/3-voter support is requisite...

Especially when a tax initiative requires 2 out of 3 voters to VOTE YES, there's no room for guessing;  precision is a mandate.  SRI routinely predicts actual outcomes of elections within 1% to 2%;  these include initiatives involving parcel taxes, sales taxes, bond measures, and more.  Do you know of any other research organization that can consistently make that claim?  You can rely on SRI!

218 Benefit Assessment Measures...

Passage of a 218 Benefit Assessment (including L&Ls) requires support from only a simple majority of voters; however, in a 218 election, some property owners have more votes than do others (e.g., owners of apartment complexes).  SRI is literally the only research firm that has been successful at securing VALID input from these often hard to reach individuals, who often determine the outcome of a 218 ballot.

"You predicted that if we followed your recommendations (based
 on a scientifically-conducted telephone survey) that our bond measure
 would be approved by 79% of the local electorate.

"We followed your recommendations quite closely, and the measure
 was approved by 78.7% of the voters. Thank you!"

Mr. Hal Cronkite, assistant city manager
City of Berkeley, CA

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