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Michael D. Cozzens, PhD

Senior Research Associate

Michael D. Cozzens earned his quantitative doctorate in Communications Research, with an emphasis in "Organizational Communications," from the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Southern California.  In addition to a BA in psychology from University of California, San Diego, he holds masters degrees in communication theory and research from USC, and rhetoric from the UC Berkeley.

Dr. Cozzens has been with SRI for nearly 15 years.  As chief methodologist for the Institute, he oversees the research and instrument design, data collection and analyses, as well as the interpretation of the findings from the research conducted through the Institute.

Dr. Cozzens has more than six years experience teaching research and communication-related courses in both the University of California system (UCLA, UC Santa Barbara and UC Berkeley) and in the California State University system (Cal-State Fullerton), as well as at USC.  He has taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

He is a "reviewer" for such noted academic journals as: Communication Research and Human Communication Research;  as well as for the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF).

Michael D. Cozzens, PhD