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Kimball R. Croft, ABD

Strategic and Tactical Planning
Broadband Telecommunications

Kimball Croft has both domestic and international experience in introducing new technology-based communication products and applications into various publics; from the academic arena, to business-to-business markets, to the consumer market.

An ABD (all but dissertation) majoring in the Diffusion of Innovations™, Kimball began his career as Advertising Manager & Vice President for American National Bank, based in California.  He then moved into marketing high-tech products and services both nationally and internationally.

Before joining IMC Corp., he was an On-site Marketing and Services Consultant for DynamicCity Metronet Advisors in Lindon, Utah, where he conducted secondary research and oversaw primary research for introducing fiber optics (FTTH/FTTB) technology, including "The Last Mile") into 18 cities in Utah and two cities in Wyoming.  He helped design roll-out campaigns driven by the Diffusion paradigm that capitalized on proprietary methods for identifying "opinion leaders" and other influentials... thus, maximizing market penetration in the least amount of time possible.

Kimball holds a visiting Professorship at Huanggang University, Hubei Province, China, and consults with various university presidents and deans throughout China on how to integrate technology into global, information-based classrooms by employing Diffusion Theory.

He has written and administered numerous successful grants designed to integrate new technologies and applications into the classroom.  These activities preceded and followed his tenure as Assistant Principal and District Technology Director for a public school system in Wyoming, where he received a National Technology Award for live classroom video instruction between Wyoming and China (when streaming video was in its infancy).

Kimball is multi-lingual (Spanish and English).  Besides being ABD, he holds a Master of Education from Northern Arizona University and a BA in Communication from Brigham Young University.

Kimball R. Croft, ABD