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Jonathan Lake, MBA

Economic Development Specialist

Jonathan Lake has more than a dozen years experience nationally and internationally in various facets of ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.  For example, he spent six years in The Hague working on urban and economic development by helping to develop a telecommunications infrastructure designed to benefit municipalities and regional government agencies.

Another recent example is facilitating a comprehensive planning session for Green River Futures, Inc., a private, non-profit entity founded for the purpose of furthering economic development in the City of Green River, Wyoming.  The planning session was designed to: (a) establish the economic development goals and objectives for the City, (b) recruit and train leadership, and (c) establish a viable Plan of Action for moving forward in an effective and timely fashion.

Prior to his affiliation with SRI and IMC Corp., Jonathan had a glowing "Big 5" consulting career.  Specifically, he was with Deloitte Consulting in San Francisco and Quovadx in Denver, Colorado, where he specialized in e-commerce and DSL, working on various high-tech projects on both a national and international scale.  Some of these include the following:

His academic credentials include: a Master of International Management, Global Information Technology Management at Thunderbird, American Graduate School of International Management;  and an MBA, International Management/Computer Information Systems at Arizona State University.

Jonathan Lake, MBA