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G. Gary Manross, PhD

Political Communications & Media Effects
SRI Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

A behavioral scientist, G. Gary Manross, Ph.D., has more than 25 years experience as a consultant in political communications, marketing communi­ca­tions, and communications management;  in addition to applied research (policy research, political research, and marketing research).

Dr. Manross has taught political communications at UCLA, mass media effects at U.S.C., and was Associate Professor of Communications in the California State University system, where he held a joint appointment in Advertising and Public Relations.  He was the head of the Advertising Sequence when he left academe; during this period, he taught courses in applied research, integrated marketing communications (IMC), management, advertising, and public relations at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Prior to founding SRI, Dr. Manross held executive-level positions with two Fortune 500 companies, as well as with the largest state trade association in America, the California Association of Realtors®, and the largest public relations agency in the world, Hill & Knowlton, Inc.  He began his career as business editor for a metropolitan daily newspaper.

Dr. Manross' publishing record includes numerous refereed academic journals, including the top-ranked paper internationally in the Human Communications Technology Group of the International Communication Asso­cia­tion (ICA), which was subsequently published as a chapter in Communication Yearbook 10.

His research is routinely cited in both scholarly and popular press, and in such classic textbooks as Diffusion of Innovations (Everett M. Rogers, 1995, 4th ed., Free Press, NY).  Dr. Manross is senior author of a paper with Dr. Rogers that will soon be submitted to the Harvard Business Review.  He also authored a book entitled The Impact of Theory-driven Public Opinion Research in Strategic Planning for Winning Campaigns (Carlton Press, NY).

His academic credentials include a Ph.D. in Communication Research from the Annenberg School of Communi­ca­tions at the University of Southern California, in addition to two MA degrees (in communication manage­ment and in communications theory), and a BA degree in Public Relations from the University of Southern California.

G. Gary Manross, PhD